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Mediterranean was the adjective that our client used to define the lighting style he was looking for in this house, a style characterized by its luminosity, the sensation of freshness and spaciousness. 

A style that smells of the sea and feels like summer it is bathed in light tones, warm lights and natural fibers such as rattan, esparto or wicker.

  • Client

    State Firms 

  • Location

    Albir, Alicante

  • Year



The Mediterranean is lived outdoors, surrounded by nature and water sources, it is something that is shared and that is why it is lived in company, as you can see at the exterior of this house.

This concept in light language is translated as suspension luminaires, ceiling lights and decorative braided sconces, warm lights, light tones and, above all, a lot of simplicity. 

A lighting that accompanies and stands out in the right places.


At the house entrance we are greeted by this open space that unites the hall, livng room and kitchen. Large windows let natural light into the house, accompanied by downlights at the right points. 

We highlighted the contrast of the natural stone wall with the wood panel using this line of warm LED strip.


The kitchen is the heart of any Mediterranean home, in this case it joins the living room and the dining room, the perfect combination for the eternal after-dinner conversations that we like to enjoy so much. 

In light language we translate it mwith the predominal use of natural light, downlights in the right spots in a warm 2700K tone and LED strips in recesses that provide indirect light that accompanies us in those moments of calmness shared with our family.

The icing on the cake is this spectacular hand-woven natural fiber lamp that we place on the dining room table.


Dream bedroom, a place designed for calm, relaxation, introspection and rest. 

Architecture plays a key role, creating a space bathed in natural light and in contact with the outside, nature contributes to generate these emotions and sensations in us. 

How do we translate this into light language? Through indirect lighting and a warm 2700K light tone that evokes the color of light at sunrise and sunset.


The bedrooms are spaces for rest, for this reason we follwed the same line as in the bedroom suite, in this case, the indirect lighting integrated into the headboards and general lighting through downlights.

The key for this to work is the differentiation of ignitions, we use one ignition for indirect light and another for direct light. 

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