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Pizarro Suites


Today we go to La Vila Joiosa to show you the lighting design project we have carried out at Pizarro Suites, by the hand of @yagoestudio 

A custom design, both inside and outside the apartments. We tell you more below!

  • Cliente

    Enzo & Gabriel 

  • Localización
    Villajoyosa, Alicante

  • Año

  • Surface technical lighting.

  • LED Strips and reading lights on the headboard.

  • Recessed downlights, surface downlights, LED strips  and reading lights on headboard.

  • Direct lighting through projectors and indirect lighting with LED strips highlighting architectural details.

  • Highlighting architechtural details and makig a pleasant ambient lighting thanks to the LED strips.

  • Wall lights for lighting the exterior facade.


    Both the  wall lights and the headboard reading lights have been custom designed and manufactured for this specific project, bringing warmth to the space.

    • Decorative

      We designed and manufactured this original suspended decorative wall light.


      At Skeo we designed and manufactured these beautiful reading lights.


      We show you the results of the LED strips placed on headboards, on the bottom of some furniture and on the ceiling grooves.


        The LED strips on the headboards create a warm and relaxed atmosphere ideal for rest.


        By lighting up the hollow in the ceiling we highlight the detail of the original vaulted ceiling of this apartment from the 1950s.


        Lighting the bottom of the furniture not only brings warmth to the space but also helps to highlight details such as this fantastic hydraulic floor.

        Circ Wall lamp by Estiluz


        At Skeo we are experts in lighting spaces with decorative lamps. 

        We share these photograps of the interior of Pizarro Suites and the lighting of the stairs and the landing.

        • Cement

          Decorative cement lamps have been a trend for a few years, they give a fresh and industrial touch to any space.

        • CIRC by Estiluz

          With this beautiful wall light we illuminate the stairs of this tourist apartment building in a modern and elegant way.