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Manufacture and distribution of led lighting

Professionals in the world of lighting, advice, personalized and detailed studies recommending suitable lighting solutions.

Last projects


The Nordic style in lighting is characterised by open spaces that seek to enhance luminous atmospheres.

For this type of outdoor lighting we have opted for wall sconces, spikes and a few decorative lamps


Mediterranean was the adjective that our client used to define the style of lighting that he was looking for in this house, a style characterized by its luminosity, sensation of freshness and spaciousness. 


State-of-the-art lighting in this house in the heart of Altea. 

A project in which we designed both the interior and exterior of the house using dimmable systems controlled by KNX that allow maximum lighting control.


We redesigned the lighting of several salons at the Hotel Levante. 

Decorative luminaires of national and local manufacturers, indirect lightning and a lot of creativity to adjust to the needs of each space. 

OM∞ building

Skeo participates in the lighting of the new OM∞ building by Torre Rioja, the largest business complex under construction in Madrid.

Pizarro Suites

Today we go to La Vila Joiosa to show you the lighting design project we have carried out at Pizarro Suites, by the hand of @yagoestudio 

A custom design, both inside and outside the apartments. We tell you more below!

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